The Man Who Invented Christmas

I finally got to see The Man Who Invented Christmas yesterday. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I think I was hoping for something more like Stranger Than Fiction, which is one of my fave movies ever, so that was probably too much to expect.

But at its heart, this tale about Dickens was entertaining, it felt period-authentic, and whether it was an accurate depiction of Dickens’ life or not, I don’t know. But they made me believe it! I liked that Dickens wasn’t painted as a saint, but rather a talented man with flaws and demons of his own.

Just like in A Christmas Carol, the ending of this movie made it all worthwhile. To discover that this single book influenced how people perceive the poor—as humans in need of help—and that this in turn caused an increase in charitable giving was amazing. Good job, Charles Dickens! Thank you for making an impact on our culture and for opening our eyes to those who have less than we do.